Depending on your expectations and your budget, we offer 3 different ways of shooting video from helicopters, stabilization being a paramount sign of quality:

low budget:

  • Hand-held Lumix GH4 rigged on one gyro
  • 2-seater R-22 helicopter
  • 1080HD footage
  • post-production stabilization needed
  • editing possible

medium budget:

  • camera mounted on a 3-gyro-stabilized video platform (AEI mount)
  • shooting from the back seat of a R-44 helicopter facing out the side
  • 1080HD or 4k
  • some post-production stabilization might be needed
  • editing possible

high-end video:

  • fully articulating CINEFLEX or other equipment, mounted underneath a helicopter, forward and straight down footage possible
  • 1080HD or 4K
  • very smooth footage, no post-production stabilization needed
  • editing possible

High-end real-estate client homepage aerial video filmed by us:

Commercial Real Estate – handheld

APM Terminals, Port of LA – AEI mount

14 Fwy Expansion Lancaster – Cineflex

Los Angeles at Night – AEI mount