Progress Photos

We can shoot monthly from an airplane, helicopter or drone; a plane shoot being the cheapest option on our beginning or mid-month route.

If you like a combination photo+video shoot, we suggest shooting from a drone but legal limitations might apply. Please visit the drone regulations page for clarification or call us, we can explain!

Typical monthly aerials ask for NESW views; we give you a selection of views to choose from and then shoot your chosen angles every month. Our products are always designed around your specific needs; might they be prints with titles and dates, emails with jpgs and/or ftp uploads of high-resolution files.

With group emails, your project management team, corporate headquarters, developer, owner or financing source can all be updated fast on the monthly progress of your project.

NESW views shot monthly from a plane

Large construction sites might present logistical issues for drone shoots; we can help you decide what aircraft is best!

On-Site Shots


Hyperion C-112 Digester

Night Pour at LAX


Professional Documentation

We travel to provide you with interior and exterior shots or stabilized video of your project at important stages of construction.

Of course we show up with hard hat, safety vest and OSHA safety glasses! Please visit our portfolio pages to see finishing photos.

UCLA Royce Hall Seismic Ugrade

Progress Collages

Target Distribution Center

525 Broadway, Santa Monica

At the end of your project we can provide you with collages made up of images taken all through the progress of construction, featuring a finished project shot.  These make for really nice prints on trailer and office walls.