four seasons hotel 2 dana point

Wide Angle

four seasons hotel 1 dana point

Low Oblique

four seasons hotel 3 dana point

Steep Oblique


Essential Information

Over 20 years of aerial photography + video shoot experience has taught us what specific aerial views most likely suit your purposes. We foster longstanding relationships with a wide variety of clients and their recommendations are at the core of our success.

The altitudes aerials need to be shot at dictate the aircraft. Very low level close-ups can be shot with drones but legal limitations apply; please visit our drone regulations page for clarification. For real estate purposes we prefer to shoot from helicopters, as we can get low level close-ups and higher-up angles that show commercial centers or freeways in the vicinity. Such relationships can only be seen from about 800 ft. and higher.

Our rates are very competitive. For info please call us at 310 455-2821, we would love to talk to you in person. Or e-mail us with specifics and we will send you an estimate.

Usually we need a few days notice to schedule a shoot, the more notice we get the more we can take the weather into consideration.  Allow for 1-3 days turn-around time for pdf proof sheets or web gallery proofs. Rush jobs can be done on short notice and delivered within hours. All shoots are executed when weather and safety permit.

We shoot aerials with the newest high-end Canon cameras and use a wide variety of lenses. Our aerial videos are shot in 1080HD or 4k, for details please visit the video page.

Proofs are shown via pdf proof sheets or web photo galleries, so our clients can view their images asap after the shoot. All final images leaving our office are custom corrected. To read about our digital imaging/editing processes please visit that page. We deliver our larger photo files via ftp uploads. Enlargements up to 42″ wide are printed in-house on our high-end Epson photographic printer.

Please visit our portfolio or client list pages to view the variety of clients and projects we have served.

500 ft

Altitude: 500ft

1000 Ft

Altitude: 1000ft

2000 Ft

Altitude: 2000ft

3000 Ft

Altitude: 3000ft