Assignment Photography

Hilton – San Diego Bayfront

We travel and shoot on location anywhere in the world, most often within the Western United States. Our architectural shoots are done with state of the art, professional digital cameras and a variety of lenses.

Depending on your needs and budget, we use models or your employees as models, shoot from boom lifts, ladders and adjacent buildings, shoot before sunrise and stay until after sunset. We can bring a drone and can provide additional views that might be difficult to get from the ground.

Please review our drone page for more info and visit the portfolio pages to see our architectural portfolios.


Griffith Observatory, single image

Pristine landscape on the Petersen Ranch, Leona Valley, CA

Panoramics can be created from a single high resolution file or by using image stitching software like Adobe Photoshop. We can create 360 degree panoramics from a tripod or using a drone. If you need to show the future views from every floor of your apartment building or highrise in planning, we can fly orbits at specific altitudes for you.

Glassell Park Early Education Center, stitched using 8 images

Collages + Composites

Besides working magic on a single image, we can create composites and collages using a collection of separate images.

Don’t hesitate to call and ask us for advice.

Composite based on 15 images